The positive attributes of an oil consider the following three main elements:


 "Fruity", reminiscent of aroma and taste of fresh and healthy olives, the aroma of green leaves, herbs or fruits such as Apple;


"Bitter", which is the oil's own taste obtained from green harvested olives;


 "Spicy", pungent sensation characteristic of the oil obtained from harvested g reen olives




The quality of an oil is measured by its "chemical" characteristics (such as acidity, peroxide index, etc.). And also by "organoleptic", properties that are perceived through the senses.

Extra Virgin olive oil is the highest quality of olive oil available. Olive oil is considered extra virgin when it has been produced by a simple pressing of the olives – without any other processes – which allows it to provide the highest level of health benefits.

This benefits  will depend of the care of the process, quality and maturity degree of the fruit.

In order to be able to denominate Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the European Economic Community EEC,  has established the following characteristics:


- Extra Virgin Requirement < 0.8%
- Bethania  <= 0.2% 

"Oleic Acid" 
- Extra Virgin Requirement 55% < C < 83%
- Bethania  = 75.5%

"Palmitic Acid"
- Extra Virgin Requirement 7% < C < 18%
- Bethania = 12.3%